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24/7 Security Monitoring

Our 24/7 security surveillance keeps an eye on your website at all times. Our security monitor keeps your site safe from dangers like hacks, malware, and cyber-attacks.

Protect Your Website Now
24/7 Security Monitoring

Automated Backups

Your data is always safe with us with the help of our automated backup plan. We offer fully-automated daily or weekly backups to protect your valuable information.

A ‘One-Click Restore’ option assures your website’s smooth operation even when the site’s latest data gets corrupted.

Backup Your WordPress Site
Automated Backups

Performance Optimization

We make sure your website always has great performance in terms of speed, code validation, and more. To optimize the speed of your website, we use the best practices. As a result, you will rank better in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Boost Your Website Performance Now
Performance Optimization

WordPress Updates

Our support and maintenance service safely updates your website’s core, plugins, and themes and supports upgrade compatibility.

So, your website is up-to-date every time for efficient performance and data security.

Keep Your Website Updated
WordPress Updates

Personal WordPress Support

Enjoy a personal WordPress support services by professional WP experts! We offer you easy chat support and priority email support.

Whether your query is about a fix/bug or you have some questions, our team is always ready to assist you.

Get Quick and Friendly Support
Personal WordPress Support

Small Tasks

Want to experiment with attractive layouts and specific features on your website?

Let us bring your vision to life!

Assign Your Tasks Now
Small Tasks

Our Clients’ Words:

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Absolutely Five Stars In Every Way To Work With Them

Nabin Jaiswal and Blossom theme built my website from scratch. He was outstanding to work with and I was able to complete my website at half the cost of other companies. He was very responsive and extremely knowledgable. I highly recommend Nabin and his company. Their work is of the highest quality and they are an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Tamara Kolton | Psychologist, Author and Feminine Mythologist

An excellent support

I have never received a such good support online. They are always ready to answer back and fix any problem. I contacted them so many time and they never disappointed me. Happy to have created my website with them. Highly recommended.

Serenella Tronci | Complementary Therapist

Great Customer Support

The support I've received is phenomenal. As a non-coder, managing my website has always been a challenge. However, the response time plus guidance I've received from the support desk for this theme has been outstanding. After implement the custom CSS I requested, I converted an offer into a sale within 12 hours! Totally worth the investment to purchase this theme. Thanks Support team for your fast responses and great instruction!

Nanci Besser | Certified Spiritual Life Coach

Great Customer Service

Since starting my blog in March, I have had several questions on how to format things, where to find certain settings, and other blogging questions. I have always received a response within 12 hours and each time the responses have been accurate and helpful! Thanks for making blogging a little easier for this beginner!

Hannah Holt | Blogger

Great support, beautiful theme

This is a beautiful theme and easy to implement. The support team is amazing. So helpful and they really went the extra mile with providing support. Plus they were very quick to respond. A great relief. Highly recommended.

Helen Goltz | Journalist, Author and Producer

Great product and great service!

This is the first theme I've purchased and it is really worth the money.
The themes are really pretty and versatile. Most importantly, the technical support are prompt and useful.
I would recommend it to all who have not made up your mind.
I am building my 2nd website using themes here :)
Thank you, heroes behind the scene!

Jing Liang | Zhixi Yoga Master

Excellent Theme and Support

I'm loving the Health Coach theme, it comes with loads of features which are easy to build from even if you haven't used Wordpress before. The support team are second to none and always there to answer any questions you may have whilst building your site. Very happy I decided to go ahead with this theme.

Kelly Swaby | Health & Life Coach

Great Customer Support

Support team always responds to my questions in a timely fashion. They are patient, very helpful and they make it possible to create a fully customizable theme. Highly Recommend. Thanks for your ongoing help Blossom Theme Team!

Alyssa Salazar | CEO & Founder of Glam’r Guide

Your Personal WordPress Support Team

Experience the best performing website like never before!